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In winter everything seems to be quiet, the sound of footsteps changes from a light “woof” to a resounding “crack” depending on the snow; animals leave clearly visible footprints as they pass and the vegetation seems to be asleep: wearing snowshoes in winter allows you to discover naturalistic curiosities and traditions of the Lanzo Valleys. Not just a simple snowshoeing, but an interactive and involving experience just over an hour’s drive from Turin.

Accompanied by an hiking guide from the valleys, we will explore the most beautiful and scenic places in the area. Depending on your preferences, training and background, we will choose together the type of engagement and duration. Of course, everything will also depend on the snow situation and its stability. Each participant will be provided with an avalanche rescue kit (avalanche transceiver, shovel and probe) as indicated by the regulations.

The Lanzo valleys are reached by the SFMA Torino – Ceres railway line, the same line that passes through Caselle airport. There is therefore the possibility of having different meeting points according to your needs.

snowshoeing in the Lanzo Valleys

Book your private snowshoeing in the ‘Turin Alps’:

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Elevation difference: depending on your choice

Duration: one-day

Fitness level: medium difficulty for fit and healthy walkers

After an excursion in the harsh winter climate, what could be better than enjoying warm and tasty typical dishes, perhaps in a nice cosy place? Ask us for the most suitable place to complete your snowshoes experience in the Lanzo valleys!

Information: +39 333 7574567;

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