Located in a historical villa renovated with a view to environmental sustainability and accessiblity, the refuge has become a point of reference and meeting place for walkers in the summer and ski mountaineers and snowshoers in winter. Along with its refined cuisine, making skillful use of local ingredients, Antonella and Guido also offer a warm welcome and provide accurate information about the footpaths and mountains around Balme.

“Les Montagnards is the result of thirty years of our lives dedicated to the mountains and our work running alpine refuges on the most important mountain ranges in the Western Alps: from Mont Blanc to Monte Rosa, Gran Paradiso and the Graian Alps.”

The collaboration with Guido and Antonella began in 2009 when they were still running the Antico Albergo Camussot and they asked me to accompany some of their guests on local walks. Since then, we have continued to work together extensively, from summer camps for children to New Year’s celebrations with snowshoes, delicious meals after snowshoe walks as well as excursions and various events. They have always been attentive to issues of accessibility and are a key point of contact for inclusive tourism projects.

“We have developed a long-lasting relationship with Andrea based on our shared vision of mountain culture as well as our focus on the issue of accessibility.
Strange but TRUE: the mountains can be enjoyed by EVERYONE, and this is the way to have incredible experiences!!”