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One-day hike accompanied by a hiking guide on an itinerary of your choice or one that we can decide together in the Lanzo Valleys (Turin).

You will be able to enjoy spectacular views of the severe peaks of the watershed with France, as well as immerse yourself in a nature that is sometimes wild and sometimes shaped by centuries of human use. The local guide will also allow you to get to know little-known corners, stories and traditions of the places you will cross.The mountain is like an open book, ready to be read by those who know how to interpret it.

There are many possible hikes, in a variety of environments (from plains to glacial moraines, from meadows to forests or high mountain pastures) and for all levels of fitness and experience.
Through the correct choice of routes, experience and sensitivity gained over the years, we organise experiences in nature together with people with different needs. If necessary, we have the possibility of using a joelette, an all-terrain one-wheeled chair that enables any person with reduced mobility or disability, to get involved in hiking excursions with the help of at least two guides.

The Lanzo valleys are about an hour’s drive from Turin and are reached by a railway line (SFMA Torino – Ceres), the same line that passes through Turin – Caselle airport. There is therefore the possibility of having different meeting points according to your needs.

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anytime, any day of the year

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Cost includes: qualified accompanying walking guide and organisation.

Cost does not include: travel to meeting place, meals and anything else not mentioned above.

Info:, 333 7574567

Looking for an idea of what you can do in our valleys? See the list of proposals in the menu or write to us explaining what kind of experience you would like to do.


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