The Peony festival

This itinerary celebrates the flowering of what is now a rare plant, whose many medicinal properties have been known since ancient times and are described in myths involving the Olympian gods. This excursion is also an excuse to enjoy the vast array of colourful flowers which are characteristic of Pian della Mussa in June. The…


Foraging for herbs

A walk through the meadows and larch woods of Pian della Mussa on a discovery of wild edible herbs and how they are used in local Piedmontese cooking. PLEASE NOTE: the walks about wild edible herbs can also be organised in different areas: get in touch to find out more.         Departure:…


rifugio Gastaldi

Trekking in the high Lanzo Valleys

There are lots of possibilities for a summer multi-day trek in the Lanzo Valleys, and one of the areas we really love is the high plains with their abundance of alpine lakes right beside the dramatic rock faces which form the watershed between Italy and France. This area extends between the Pian della Mussa, the…