Lanzotrekking is a project that promotes outdoor tourism in the Lanzo Valleys and is the result of my experience as a walking guide and my love for the area where I live. Working with professionals in the various realms of guiding and environmental education, I want to help you discover the most beautiful corners of the valleys, as well as their history and the environment, with simple strolls, walks, bike rides, treks, snowshoe hikes, visits to alpine pastures, local farms and ecomuseums. The itineraries take place all across the region, with varying themes and difficulties, and are suitable for a range of people: walkers with all levels of fitness, big or small groups, families, and people with different health conditions.
Lanzotrekking promotes slow tourism, where the focus is not just the destination but also the journey and what we find along the way; the chance to find out more about the wild animals, the beauty of the flora and the traditional uses of plants, or the shapes of the landscape resulting from geological events or human interference.

Born in 1979, I graduated in Environmental and Forest Sciences and I am an official walking guide in the Piedmont Region, an accredited nature guide for the La Mandria and Stupinigi Regional Nature Parks, as well as for the Po and the Collina Torinese Regional Nature Parks. I have completed the BLS course for adults, children and infants along with AED defibrillator training provided by the “Società Nazionale di Salvamento”. In spring 2017 I took part in the AIGAE specialisation course on inclusive guiding provided by the not-for-profit Istituto Pangea organisation. I am a guide for the Pugnetto Cave with the Lanzo Torinese CAI group.

I began working on environmental education courses in 2006 with some cooperatives in Turin. In 2007 I started working at the Visitor Centre for the Collina Torinese Regional Nature Park (now grouped together with the Turin section of the Po Regional Nature Park) as an environmental educator and guide. In 2009 I became a certified walking guide and began organising my first itineraries in the Lanzo Valleys. Over the following years I continued to work at the Superga Park as well as working with BricTour and Escuriosando Trekking, organising walks, multi-day treks and activities for children, mainly in the Lanzo valleys but also in other mountain areas in Piedmont and the hills around Turin and Monferrato. In 2014 I decided to move and start a family in Mezzenile, focussing my work as a guide as much as possible in the Lanzo Valleys, continuing my collaboration with Escuriosando Trekking and combining this with my work as a certified guide for the La Mandria Regional Park. In 2017 I also became an accredited guide for the Po and Collina Torinese Park and set up Lanzotrekking.

Languages spoken: Italian, English and French.