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Lanzotrekking: hikes, trekking and outdoor experiences in the Lanzo Valleys.

Discover nature, history and the spectacular panoramic views of these alpine valleys


Day Hike

NATURE AND WIDE LANDSCAPES A FEW KILOMETRES FROM TURIN One-day hike accompanied by a hiking guide on an itinerary of your choice or one that we can decide together in the Lanzo Valleys (Turin). You will be able to enjoy spectacular views of the severe peaks of the watershed with France, as well as immerse…


Trekking in the high Lanzo Valleys

There are lots of possibilities for a summer multi-day trek in the Lanzo Valleys, and one of the areas we really love is the high plains with their abundance of alpine lakes right beside the dramatic rock faces which form the watershed between Italy and France. This area extends between the Pian della Mussa, the…